Monday, April 11, 2011

American Literary Icon Donald Trump Not Impressed With Juli Weiner

Vulgar idiot Donald Trump was born into a multi-million-dollar fortune and still went bankrupt, repeatedly, because he’s so dumb he can’t figure out how to make money off casinos and New York real estate. Is he actually retarded? No, he just talks that way! Donald Trump is actually a respected editor and American literary icon — remember his hilarious satirical novel, The Art of the Deal?

If there’s anything funnier than a born-rich tool repeatedly going bankrupt because he’s so stupid, it’s actually titling the book TRUMP: The Art of the Deal. Anyway, now he’s just another half-senile racist jabbering to one of his Czech prostitutes or Fox News about how that shiftless Obama got himself born in Hawaii somehow just so he could collect welfare like the rest of the coloreds. Also, Donald Trump is not impressed with former Wonkette editor Juli Weiner. READ MORE »

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