Thursday, April 14, 2011

The biggest, dumbest wingnut site on the Web

And boy, WorldNetDaily sure is upset at us

When my colleague Justin Elliott explained how WorldNetDaily invented the "Obama spent $2 million fighting birther lawsuits" claim (short version: $2 million is what the Obama campaign paid a law firm in total, and in WND's imagination the only thing a presidential campaign needs a law firm for is hiding birth certificates), WND's founder got mad and called him names. (All of this was right after they published Jack Cashill's embarrassing Photoshop follies.)

WND was, I guess, not happy with my colleague's coverage of its unhappiness, because today it attempted to smear him in two separate but equally amusing articles. The first, by Farah himself, is just a lot of words calling Elliott a punk while never once actually acknowledging that WND's "$2 million" figure is false. No, WND is right because its "investigation" into the matter is a three-part series, and no one can possibly be wrong at such great length.

The best part of Farah's commentary is when he argues that Elliott is wrong and WND's reporter is right because of their respective bios. While Elliott has merely written for various places, WND's reporter was in the Army and is "one of the most remarkable young women I have ever met." Take that, Justin: Joseph Farah doesn't think you're remarkable!

The real meat of WND's response, though, is in this post that "reveals" Justin Elliott's ties to ... George Soros. See, Elliott contributed to, which is published by the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank founded with money from George Soros. So ... Soros! Ooga booga!......................................

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