Monday, April 18, 2011

Crazy People Upset Glenn Beck Keeps Stealing Their ‘Research’ Uncredited

The mentally ill work hard for their crazy, yet these days they’re easily exploited for profit by politicians and reality television shows. And it’s not just slimy broken human beings who take advantage of them, it’s also the mentally ill titans of the conspiracy theory industry: Big Crazy.

Glenn Beck, the greatest titan of them all, is guilty too, according to a report from rival webzine The Daily Caller. Beck likes to take the work of dedidcated insane people, like Pamela Gellar, who devotes all of her time fighting Muslim terrorists only she can see, with her special “gift,” and Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, who is convinced he will become Muslim if he drinks just a drop of a certain soup brand.

Yes, Glenn Beck makes millions of dollars on the backs of other crazies without citing them. It’s almost like he’s embarrassed he gets all his information from discredited unstable Internet creatures. READ MORE »

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