Saturday, March 19, 2011

WI Republican State Senator gets his mistress $11,000 pay raise for state job

Salary boosted for worker with ties to Hopper

A state worker with ties to Sen. Randy Hopper is being paid $11,000 more annually than her predecessor in a position at the department of regulation and licensing.

State officials said the woman, 26, was hired to a limited term, communications specialist position last month, with a salary equivalent to $42, 328 annually.

State officials Friday said the woman’s predecessor left the position in January, with a salary equivalent to $31,200 annually. No explanation was given for the new hire’s higher pay.

Sources told WKOW27 News the state employee was the same person referred to by Hopper’s estranged wife when she publicly stated her husband started an affair in Madison. Hopper (R-Fond du Lac) and his estranged wife are in the midst of a divorce action.

During an interview with WKOW27 News, Hopper declined to comment on his relationship with the woman.

But Hopper told WKOW27 News he played no role in the woman’s hiring.

WKOW27 News is not identifying the state employee at this time because her hiring or employment is not the subject of a formal inquiry or complaint, and she is not named in civil actions. The woman has yet return any phone calls from WKOW27 News seeking comment.

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