Saturday, March 19, 2011

GA GOP Rep. Bobby Franklin Says America Is Like Qadaffi Because Abortion Is Legal


Today, allied militaries of several Western countries began a military campaign in Libya focused on enforcing a UN No Fly Zone. This military invention has spawned a lively debate, with eloquent arguments being made for and against this action.

Yet as Georgia Politico’s Dustin Baker notes, one state legislator raised a particularly odd objection to the No Fly Zone on his Facebook page. Reacting to a news article about Western strikes in Libya, Franklin asked, “How would we like it if other countries launched attacks upon these United States because of our regime’s war against the unborn?” — seemingly drawing a moral equivalency between Libya’s Qadaffi dictatorship and legal abortion in the United States:

And earlier, Franklin mocked comments that dictators like Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak and Libya’s Qaddafi were delusional, writing that Americans “are the most delusional people on earth”:

Franklin is no stranger to bizarre comments and advocacy. He has previously advocated for the abolition of drivers licenses and wanted to force women to prove their miscarriages happened naturally. Georgians who are fed up with Franklin’s antics have started a Facebook group called “Bobby Franklin: Georgia’s Charlie Sheen.”

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