Monday, March 28, 2011

As 60% Disapprove Sarah Palin Is America’s Most Hated Politician

A new Bloomberg poll released today illustrated just how far Sarah Palin has fallen since her heady pit bull with lipstick days of the 2008 presidential campaign. Palin only registered a 28% approval rating in the poll. To put this in perspective, Wall Street, you know the guys who wrecked the global economy, get a 30% approval rating from the American people.

The Bloomberg poll
offered a strong reality check to those Americans who are counting on Sarah Palin to defeat President Obama in 2012. President Obama’s favorable rating was 55%. His unfavorable rating was 41%. In contrast, Lou Sarah a.k.a. former Gov. Palin had a favorable rating of 28%, and an unfavorable rating of 60%. President Obama’s favorable rating was almost as high as Palin’s unfavorable rating, and he had a very favorable rating with 22% of Americans. Sarah Palin’s very favorable rating was 9%.

Palin is so unpopular that Donald Trump is more popular than she is. Trump had an approval rating nearly ten percent higher than Palin’s (37%-28%). Trumps unfavorable rating was a 17 points better than Palin’s (43%-60%). The only person with a lower favorability rating than Sarah Palin was Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who had a 22% favorable rating, but 50% of Americans didn’t know who he was.

To put Sarah Palin’s unpopularity into its proper context consider that Wall Street had a higher favorability rating in the poll than she did (30%-28%). Wall Street’s unfavorable rating was also 11 points lower than Palin’s (49%-60%). The people who completely wrecked the economy through greed, incompetence, illegal activity, and in some cases theft are more popular that than the Queen Esther wanna be herself...........

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