Monday, March 21, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 03-21-11

Fox & Friends Continues To Misinform On WI Anti-Union Law
Fox & Friends hosted Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch to discuss a recent court ruling finding that GOP lawmakers may have violated Wisconsin's open meetings law when they pushed through a bill ending most public union collective bargaining rights. During the segment, the co-hosts repeatedly failed to challenge Kleefish's claims about the legality of the proceedings surrounding the bill. Read More

Beck, Limbaugh Renew Smear That Obama Is Undermining U.S. With Petrobras Drilling Permits
Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are accusing the Obama administration of subverting American interests by allowing a Brazilian company to drill in the Gulf of Mexico. But the Bush administration granted the initial permit, and Obama has granted deepwater drilling permits to American companies since the Gulf oil disaster. Read More

Beck Dismisses The Fact That MLK Died While Fighting For Labor Rights
Glenn Beck mocked AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka for saying that Dr. Martin Luther King lost his life while fighting for the rights of public union workers. In fact, King was shot while in Memphis to support striking municipal workers, and in his eulogy honoring King, Benjamin Mays -- King's mentor and friend -- spoke of King's dedication to "fighting to get a just wage" for workers. Read More

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