Thursday, March 31, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 03-31-11

Experts Reject Fox News' Claim That Drilling Can Solve Dependence On Foreign Oil
On Fox News, Eric Bolling advanced several energy myths that have been debunked by experts, including the claim that the U.S. could end its dependence on foreign oil by expanding domestic drilling. Read More

Broken Record: Right-Wing Media Spread Falsehoods About Obama's Energy Policies
Right-wing media have predictably blamed a recent rise in gas prices on President Obama's energy policies and have called for more offshore drilling, claiming he has allowed America to remain "increasingly dependent" on oil imports from "unstable parts of the world." However, experts agree that it's "not credible" to blame Obama for the gas price spike, offshore drilling would not substantially decrease prices, and U.S. domestic oil production has in fact increased under Obama. Read More

Breitbart Is Wrong: Texas Planned Parenthood Clinics DO Offer Mammograms
Andrew Breitbart's Big Journalism questioned the accuracy of Media Matters research showing that a Planned Parenthood clinic in Waco, Texas, provides mammograms. In fact, the clinic is partnered with outside organizations to provide mammograms. Read More

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