Monday, March 28, 2011

Geoffrey Dunn Digs Down Deep Into Sarah Palin’s Pathology of Deceit

By Sarah Jones

As Sarah Palin wraps up her days-around-the-world-tour gaining “foreign policy experience” by staying holed up in her hotel room in India, Americans are braced for her eventual announcement that she is going to impose herself on us even more than she already does by running for President. The only question we have is will she run 3rd party or does she have something on the GOP that will force them to accept her doomed candidacy if their Huckabee-block plan doesn’t work.

At any rate, no matter how much we want her to go away, she refuses. We reject her as overtly as we can, and yet she refuses to get the message, so sure is she that she is God’s Chosen One, meant to lead the United States “back to Jesus” one vindictive slam at a time. The only fun we’re going to have during the upcoming Palin for President Debacle is taking bets on how low she’ll go to battle the “devil”, while sifting through the assault of words that never tie together in any recognizable manner.

Palin will of course never realize that with every insult she tosses into the President’s path, she’s merely revealing her own faults as her inability to be honest with herself causes her to project her secret shame onto others. After all, if there’s an anti-American agent of evil, divisiveness or terrorism, it’s residing within her. As for her language issues, if you think you’re tired of it, imagine having to transcribe it. We shall overcome.

Just in time for this race to the bottom, the Final Embarrassment the GOP can inflict upon this country, Geoffrey Dunn’s Palin book is going to be released early this May by St. Martin’s Press. His book is titled, “The Lies of Sarah Palin – The Untold Story Behind Her Relentless Quest for Power”...........

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