Monday, March 21, 2011

Arizona Senate President tells Tea Party: You are not US citizens

Raw Story

Arizona State Senate President Russell Pearce (R) claimed last week that Americans are not citizens of the United States but citizens of their respective states.

"Most of us weren’t around when the Constitution was written," Pearce said during his speech at an Oceanside Tea Party rally. "But you remember we kind of existed before Congress, the states. We created the Congress, we created the federal government, by contract. Do you know what existed before the Congress? The states."

Members of the Arizona Legislature, led by Pearce, have introduced a bill that attempts to grant the Arizona the power to ignore federal laws it does not want to comply with.

"Do you know, you’re not a citizen of the United States," Pearce continued. "You’re a citizen of a sovereign state. The fifty sovereign states make up United States of America, we’re citizens of those sovereign states. It is not a delegated authority. It’s an inherent authority that states have over the federal government."....

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