Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sarah Palin To Visit Israel, Where Jesus Lives

Haha, did you think she was really going away? NEVER. Not until the last nickel is grifted! Sarah Palin is doing an International Lecture Tour, which will consist of one speech (in India, because why not?) and then a second stop in Fox News’ closest strategic American ally, Israel. You don’t just “go to India,” wherever that is, without stopping at Jesus’ house. (Wait ’til she finds out Jesus is just some gay programmer who shares a flat in Tel Aviv by the dance clubs with his boyfriend, an Arab.)

Why do wingnut Republicans considering a White House run always go to Israel? WE TOLD YOU IDIOTS ALREADY, because it’s where Jesus lives. Wait ’til she finds out those Israelis are all Jews! (Hopefully she will convert them real quick to the Church of Our Intolerable Wasilla Grifter.) READ MORE »

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