Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 03-30-11

Beck's Theory That Israel May Come Under U.S. Attack Is Riddled With Falsehoods
Glenn Beck continues to push the lunatic theory that recent events show that the left and the Obama administration are laying the groundwork for military action against Israel. In fact, Beck's theory rests on utter falsehoods and wild distortions. Read More

Fox & Friends Hosts Hate Group Head To Push "Anchor Baby" Myth
Fox & Friends hosted Dan Stein, head of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), to fearmonger both about "anchor babies" and so-called "birth tourism." But the "anchor baby" concept is a myth, pushed by anti-immigrant groups like FAIR, which is considered a "hate group," and the number of children born to women visiting the United States is "fairly miniscule." Read More

Right-Wing Media Promote Latest Lila Rose Hoax Falsely Smearing Planned Parenthood President
Discredited right-wing activist Lila Rose is promoting yet another video hoax, falsely claiming to have caught Planned Parenthood officials lying about the organization's work providing patients with access to cancer screenings, including mammograms. But the comments Rose highlights in no way contradict the undisputed fact that Planned Parenthood provides patients with access to these services. Read More

Wash. Times Takes Power's Quote Out Of Context To Smear Her As An "Enemy" Of Israel
The Washington Times took comments from Obama adviser Samantha Power out of context to claim that she "counseled a massive intervention in Israel to protect Palestinians" and smear her as "a decided enemy" of Israel. In fact, Power was asked what would be necessary to stop a move toward genocide by "one party or another" in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; she said it may require investment in a new Palestinian state and a "meaningful military presence." Read More

GOP Communications Arm Fox News Attacks Democrats For Using Talking Points
Following audio of Sen. Chuck Schumer coaching other senators on language to use when discussing budgetary issues and a potential government shutdown, Fox News figures have attacked Democrats for coordinating talking points. Their criticism comes despite the fact that, among other things, Fox News itself consistently adopts GOP talking points as its own, has been caught broadcasting GOP press releases -- typos and all -- and its Washington managing editor, Bill Sammon, has been caught instructing Fox's anchors and reporters to use GOP-friendly language in their reporting. Read More

Limbaugh, Hannity Repeat Wash. Times Misquote of Obama Adviser
A Washington Times article contained a purported statement by Obama adviser Samantha Power that President Obama inspired the uprising in Libya -- a claim later exposed as "badly misquoted." Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity were among the hosts who repeated the misquoted remark. Read More

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