Monday, May 30, 2011

Sarah Palin Honors Vets With Photo Of Herself On A Motorcycle

Happy Memorial Day! It is time to honor America’s War Heroes, meaning Sarah Palin. America’s favorite snowbilly grifter showed up Sunday at “Rolling Thunder,” a non-partisan organization which raises awareness of veterans’ issues through the display of motorcycles that run on Muslim-Arabian fuel.

Palin attracted a crowd of rally-goers eager to honor Sarah’s service in foreign wars, we guess. Sadly, she didn’t get to make a speech thanking these people for honoring her terrible sacrifices, so instead she just scrawled the words “justice rolls” on her hand in ink. Is this biker-gang humor? READ MORE »


Druid Morrigan Conway said...

Cody got a home run ;)

Druid Morrigan Conway said...

btw i saw her on the 'bike'. hahaha It was a Laugh! ;D
{I need a e-hug. How about U?}

SPN Headlines said...

Sarah Palin’s Sunday tattoo appointment went terribly awry. Details at: