Friday, May 27, 2011

Denied By God, Rick Perry Now Wants To Be President

As every other “serious GOP candidate” but Mitt Romney decides they don’t want to lose to Obama next year, Rick Perry has been sitting in his office in Texas wondering if maybe this is the way God is telling him to run for president. After all, Rick is a white Christian of the approved Tex-American variety, while Mitt Romney is a spooky Obamacare Mormon from liberal Taxachusetts.

The problem for Rick is that God has denied him, repeatedly. You might recall that Perry prayed to the Lord Jesus and demanded rain be poured from Heaven directly to Texas, to stop the multitude of plagues — wildfire, drought, literacy — threatening the Texas way of life. And God refused. God heard Rick’s prayer, and verily he responded with an indifferent, “Nah dude.” READ MORE »

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