Monday, May 09, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 05-09-11

Palin Wrong Again On Cause Of High Gas Prices
Fox News contributor Sarah Palin claimed that gasoline prices have doubled since President Obama took office because the administration is "decreasing the amount of energy in our market domestically." In fact, this claim has already been debunked by energy experts, and even those who disagree with Obama's energy policies have said that it's simply not accurate to blame those policies for the current spike in gas prices. Read More

Right-Wing Media Falsely Claim DOJ "Going After" CIA Agents Over Interrogation
The right-wing media has falsely accused Attorney General Eric Holder of "going after" CIA agents for administering enhanced interrogation techniques approved during the Bush administration. In fact, Holder has made it clear that the Department of Justice will not prosecute agents "who acted in good faith and within the scope of the legal guidance" of the Bush administration, and indeed, the DOJ's investigation reportedly focuses on agents who went beyond the Bush administration's "legal guidance." Read More

Right-Wing Media Still Hyping EITs, Ignoring Experts' Dispute
Since Osama bin Laden was killed in a successful U.S. raid last week, right-wing media have been hyping the Bush administration's use of enhanced interrogation techniques (EITs) and claim that key info about bin Laden was found by using EITs on detainees. In fact, many experts have questioned this claim, arguing that valuable intelligence has been and could have been gained more easily using other methods; additionally, there is considerable dispute as to whether the use of EITs yielded critical intelligence which led to bin Laden.
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