Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Alex Jones’ Sources: ‘Bin Laden Has Been On Ice For Nearly a Decade’

Ladies and gentlemen, this is why Web conspiracy theorist Alex Jones should be given Glenn Beck’s time slot: While Beck was prancing around with his drawing of what Osama bin Laden’s face looks like yesterday, Jones’ team was in contact with a “multitude of different inside sources both publicly and privately,” uncovering the STORY OF THE DECADE, that Osama bin Laden has been kicking it with Ted Williams in an ice chamber for years while government leaders have waited for the “most politically expedient time” to release the news of his death. According to Jones’ website, bin Laden has been dead for a decade and was dumped in the ocean so nobody would notice all the freezer burn in his beard. Sneaky, secret world order! READ MORE »

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