Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 05-25-11

Right-Wing Media Compare Gore To Fringe Preacher Who Incorrectly Predicted Rapture
Right-wing media have recently smeared former Vice President Al Gore and global warming activists by comparing them to Harold Camping, the fringe preacher who incorrectly predicted the Biblical day of rapture would occur on May 21. Right-wing media have previously smeared the scientific consensus on global warming as a "cult." Read More

Right-Wing Media Falsely Claim Netanyahu "Rejected" Obama's Border Plan
Right-wing media have falsely claimed that in his May 24 address to Congress, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "rejected" President Obama's plan to create an independent Palestinian state that "should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps." In fact, Netanyahu made clear in his speech that his comments were not a rejection of Obama's proposal and thanked Obama for his "steadfast commitment to Israel's security." Read More

"Too Much Guinness": Right-Wing Media Again Smear Obama As A Drunk
Right-wing media have seized on President Obama's use of the incorrect date when signing the Westminster Abbey guest book to claim that Obama has had "too much Guinness" during his trip. This follows the conservative media's other attacks on the president's trip to Europe, as well as their history of baselessly smearing Obama. Read More

Beck Uses Supreme Court Ruling Myth To Accuse Van Jones Of Orchestrating A Mass Prison Break
Glenn Beck, referencing a recent Supreme Court decision determining that California prison conditions constitute "cruel and unusual punishment," absurdly accused former White House advisor Van Jones of orchestrating a plot to release prisoners "out onto the streets." But California state officials have proposed shifting low-level offenders to county jails and other facilities as a response to the court ruling, rather than releasing large numbers of prisoners. Read More

Voice Of The Opposition: Fox News Adopts GOP's "Mediscare" Talking Point To Defend Ryan Budget
Fox News, continuing its role as the communications wing of the Republican Party, has adopted the GOP talking point that Democrats are using "'Mediscare' Attacks" against Rep. Paul Ryan's plan to replace Medicare with vouchers. Read More

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