Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 05-11-11

Conservative Media Defend Boeing's Alleged Attempt To Violate Union Workers' Rights
Conservative media figures have claimed that the National Labor Relations Board is seeking to ban companies from moving to states with lax labor laws by filing a complaint against Boeing's decision to move the production facility for its new 787 Dreamliner to South Carolina. In fact, the NLRB's general counsel has alleged that Boeing moved its 787 production line in retaliation for strikes by Boeing workers at its Seattle-area plant, which, if proven true, constitutes a clear violation of federal labor laws. Read More

Fox & Friends Distorts Obama's Record On Border Security
Fox & Friends repeatedly suggested that because of a joke President Obama made during a recent speech about immigration, he is not taking border security seriously. But Fox & Friends ignored that deportations of illegal immigrants have increased under Obama, and the number of border patrol agents and funding for border security projects have also increased. Read More

Fox Business Host Falsely Claims Baby Boomers Will "Bankrupt" Social Security "In A Couple Of Months"
Fox Business host Andrew Napolitano falsely claimed that the retirement rate of baby boomers is "going to bankrupt the [Social Security] system in a couple of months." In fact, the level of Social Security revenues and benefits were specifically modified in 1983 to account for baby boomers' retirements, and the program is projected to remain completely solvent and pay full benefits until 2037. Read More

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