Monday, May 16, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 05-16-11

Buyer Beware: Why Advertisers Should Still Be Wary Of Financially Supporting Fox News
Before Glenn Beck announced that his Fox News show is ending, more than 300 advertisers had dropped their ads from the show due to Beck's reckless vitriol, demonstrated pattern of deceit, violent rhetoric, repeated use of racially charged rhetoric, and propagation of anti-Semitic stereotypes. However, even with Beck leaving, advertisers have plenty of reasons to be concerned about associating their brands with Fox News, as extremist rhetoric pervades the network, from the management to the so-called "news" shows to other Fox personalities. For example: Read More

Fox Distorts Trustees' Report To Fearmonger About Social Security And Medicare
Fox & Friends distorted a recent Social Security and Medicare Boards of Trustees report to fearmonger about the programs' solvency by claiming that the report significantly revised the date at which the Social Security trust fund would no longer be solvent. In fact, the report changed the projected solvency of the Social Security trust fund by just one year, and after that point the fund would continue to pay out benefits at 77 percent; and even without legislative action, after 2024, Medicare payments would continue to be funded for an additional 60 years at levels between 75 and 90 percent. Read More

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