Monday, May 02, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 05-02-11

Right-Wing Media Accuse Obama Of Making Bin Laden Death All About Himself
Immediately following President Obama's announcement that Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden had been killed in Pakistan, right-wing media took every opportunity to attack the president for his actions and remarks regarding the mission that led to bin Laden's death. Conservative media outlets and personalities have declared that the death of the world's most famous terrorist was just another opportunity for the president to "strut like [a] peacock" and make it all about himself. Read More

"This Is Crazy": The Right's Mocking Attacks On Obama's 2007 Pakistan Policy
In the wake of Osama Bin Laden's death, the media are revisiting President Obama's 2007 speech promising to take action against terrorists in Pakistan. At the time, the conservative media attacked Obama's policy as "crazy" and "frightening." Read More

FLASHBACK: Conservative Media Repeatedly Attacked Obama's Commitment To Fighting Terrorism
In the wake of President Obama's announcement that Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has been killed in Pakistan, Media Matters looks back at conservative media who attacked his commitment to fighting terrorism. Since his election in 2008, right-wing media figures have repeatedly suggested that Obama is weak on terror and that he is not serious about defending America from terrorism threats. Read More

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