Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 05-10-11

University Officials Conclude Latest Investigation Discrediting Breitbart
University of Missouri officials Monday issued a statement concluding that Andrew Breitbart-promoted videos smearing university lecturers were "highly distorted through splicing and editing." This is just the latest investigation to discredit deceptively edited videos promoted by Breitbart. Read More

Conservative Media Defend Tax Breaks For Big Oil With False Claim About Gas Prices
Conservative media claim that recent proposals to repeal tax breaks for the five largest oil companies will "make gasoline more expensive." However, energy experts say that cutting the tax incentives will have little to no effect on prices at the pump. Read More

Right-Wing Media Freak Out Over GOP's Emergency Alert Plan
Following the announcement of a new national emergency alert system that will alert the public to significant emergencies via mobile phone messages, right-wing media have attacked the plan, claiming that it will allow "Dear Leader Obama To Send You Text Messages." But the plan was implemented as a result of legislation introduced by GOP Sen. Jim DeMint that was overwhelmingly passed by Congress in 2006 and accompanied by an executive order signed by President Bush. Read More

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