Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Voter ID Law Passed, Scott Walker Moves to Close DMVs in Dem Districts

Evil corporate lackey Scott Walker recently got a memo on his desk from the fringe conservative Koch-funded American Legislative Exchange Council, an organization that drafts bills for GOP lawmakers who are too stupid or too lazy to pen the enormous quantities of the Kochs’ slobbering hate for the poor into formal legislative proposals. The memo that Walker got sent him some instructions like, “there are too many minority people and students voting in your state,” along with the text of a voter ID bill pooped out by the typing monkeys from the Koch offices.

Thus a Walker “legislative priority” was conceived and excreted onto the people of Wisconsin. Hooray! Now, no one can vote without a state-issued ID. Can Scott Walker go it one further? He wants to pass another law ordering the Department of Transportation to shut down up to 16 DMV offices that a Democratic lawmaker says are located in blue districts, while it would extend hours at offices in GOP areas. READ MORE »

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