Friday, July 15, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 07-15-11

Kuhner Latest Right-Wing Media Figure To Downplay Default Consequences
In a Washington Times column, Jeffrey Kuhner downplayed the economic consequences of not raising the debt ceiling, claiming that the "sky will not fall if an agreement is not reached by Aug. 2" and accusing President Obama of engaging in "shameless demagoguery." In fact, economists agree that failing to raise the debt ceiling could have significant negative effects on the economy. Read More

Right-Wing Media Revive GOP Talking Point That Deficit Is "A Spending Problem, Not A Revenue Problem"
With the debt limit deadline approaching and deficit-reduction talks underway, right-wing media are parroting the old GOP talking point that the nation's deficit is a "spending problem, not a revenue problem." But numerous economic experts have said that decreased revenue is a major cause of the deficit. Read More

PHONE HACKS: A Guide To Resignations, Arrests, And Convictions During The News Corp. Scandal
The News Corporation phone hacking and bribery story has brought down executives, reporters, and editors on both sides of the Atlantic. Here is a list of arrests, convictions, firings, suspensions, and resignations that have occured during the scandal. Read More

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