Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Michele Bachmann Also Obviously Huge Pill Popper, Constantly Suffers ‘Episodes’

So everybody remembers how Michele Bachmann is known to run away from other people screaming? This is apparently totally normal “Michele” behavior, who’d have guessed!

Conservative gossip tabloid The Daily Caller got the dirt from three anonymous people “close to Bachmann” saying she gobbles pills all day long, has, uh, “episodes” and mysterious insane “headaches” that require hospitalization when she gets stressed out, all of which she blames on those constant communications from outerspace wearing high heels.

All of this sounds so predictably close to the cartoonish vision of Michele Bachmann that most sane people already entertain when they think of this harpie dingbat that we are asking, is this really news? Oh right, she wants to be president. READ MORE »

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