Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Mother Nature Attacks Jim Inhofe For Climate Change Denial

The Earth was tired of ventriloquist dummy Jim Inhofe walking around with those sweaty Koch fingers up his butt and clacking his jaw all day long about how climate change is all super fake, so nature cold attacked Inhofe with a diseased giant green blob. No, really! Was there a clever trap?

No, because Inhofe is so sure climate problems of all kinds are so fake that he willingly took a swim in a fetid lake filled with a massive, unusual algae bloom probably caused by scorching temperatures from Oklahoma’s horrific turn as new location for the third circle of hell.

And, surprise, it gave him a horrible respiratory infection that caused him to miss a Koch-funded climate change skeptics’ conference in Chicago! God may not be good at doling out justice, but Mother Nature will Eff. You. Up. READ MORE »

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