Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 07-13-11

Right-Wing Media Downplay Default Risks By Accusing Obama Of "Threatening" Social Security Benefits
Media conservatives are accusing the Obama administration of "threatening" Social Security benefits after the president observed in an interview that he could not guarantee that benefits could be paid if the debt limit were not increased. Economic experts agree that failure to increase the debt limit would force the federal government to prioritize its legal obligations and strain its ability to pay Social Security benefits. Read More

Fox Backtracks On Latest Assertion That ACORN Received Federal Money
Fox & Friends promoted the claim that "ACORN" -- which no longer exists -- had received hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal funding, despite the fact that a federal report noted last month that the amount in question actually had not been spent. Fox & Friends backed away from the claim later in the same show by reading a statement from a federal spokesman pointing out the money had been "de-obligated and recovered." Read More

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