Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 07-26-11

Kilmeade Falsely Claims "51% Of The Country [Aren't] Paying Any Taxes At All"
On Fox & Friends, co-host Brian Kilmeade falsely claimed "51% of the country [aren't] paying any taxes at all." In fact, while the bottom 50 percent of wage earners pay little federal income tax, they still pay payroll and sales taxes, and in many cases, state and local taxes as well. Read More

Right-Wing Media Attack Obama For Calling For A "Balanced" Approach To Default Crisis
Right-wing media have repeatedly attacked President Obama for calling for a "balanced" approach to solving the deficit crisis. In fact, polls have repeatedly shown that the majority of Americans favor such an approach to lowering the deficit, which would involve a combination of spending cuts and revenue increases. Read More

Predictable: Right-Wing Media Strain To Attack Obama's Default Crisis Address
Following President Obama's July 25 address on the default crisis, the right-wing media attacked Obama's speech as a "hard left" campaign speech, and complained he "blame[d] Bush" for the deficit. The right-wing media has a long history of attacking Obama's speeches and addresses. Read More

Following Norway Attack, Right-Wing Media Advocate For More Lenient Gun Laws
Following the July 22 attack on Norway's Utoya Island by Anders Breivik, right-wing personalities have begun to advocate for more lenient gun laws, claiming that "if somebody did [have a gun], they might have been able to take this crazy guy out before he did all of this damage." In fact, Norway, despite having stricter laws on handgun ownership than the United States, has a much lower rate of deaths related to gun homicides. Read More

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