Thursday, July 28, 2011

Homophobe Pastor Knows Media Only Mocking Him to Get to Rep. Bachmann

Buried in the treasure trove of “Michele Bachmann eats homosexuals” brouhaha is the bizarre human-size skid mark Bradlee Dean, a self-styled “punk rock pastor” who wants everyone to know that the liberal media is only ridiculing him in order to derail Bachmann’s presidential campaign. He is by his own account kind of like “Jesus Christ up on the cross being crucified” by the media, which apparently makes Michele your new God. What has he done to deserve cruel mockery besides OMG THIS PHOTO?

The list is rather endless, but for example: he said that the Muslims have enough testicles to at least publicly call for the execution of homosexuals, unlike invertebrate soiled toilet paper wads the evangelical Christians. Cute! Rachel Maddow took time to laugh at him for this illiterate idjit comment on her show, and now he announced he is suing Maddow for a new $50 million drum set. READ MORE »

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