Saturday, January 29, 2011

Teams That Will Never Win a Super Bowl and Why

Arizona Cardinals - The Owner is a crook and they come from a racists State. God hates them.

Atlanta Falcons - If you have ever seen the Housewives(Jezebels)of Atlanta you have seen why the Falcons are cursed, they play in the Bible Belt and the Falcons are committing Sin by playing on Sunday.

Buffalo Bills - They had 4 consecutive chances to win a Super Bowl and failed they are possessed by Satan and that is a fact. Buffalo Wings will be the Only thing that will be a Winner at a Super Bowl.

Cleveland Browns & Cincinnati Bengals - Both are cursed from being in Ohio where being Stupid,Fat,and Drunk are the good qualities of Ohio.

Carolina Panthers - They are located in the second Largest Banking Area in the USA, Den of Satan is their Alter. God Hates them.

Detroit Lions - Devils Night has taken away any chance of them being a Champion. The City is a shit hole and it reflects onto that team. The only thing the Detroit Lions are good for is smuggling dope to other cities across the country.

Jacksonville Jaguars - They are located in the Redneck Abyss of Alabama/Florida where a man that can burp/recite Psalm 23 is a Celebrity. God is not pleased with this.

San Diego Chargers - Their Uniforms are Gay and San Diego is Anti-Gay and very Right-Wing. Nothing good will ever come out of that Unholy Union.

Teams that Will Never Win Another Super Bowl and Why

Oakland Raiders - Al Davis has forgot how to win and sabotages any chance they have.

Denver Broncos - John Elway was only a good Player because he had good coaches telling him what to do , He is in-charge now and is to stupid to be the big boss.

Washington Redskins - Owned by a Spoiled, Rich, Nerd, and the Players will never do anything but take his money and move on to another team. It's like a paid vacation for them.

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