Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 01-25-11

O'Reilly Ludicrously Claims That China And India Aren't Investing In Infrastructure
Bill O'Reilly dismissed calls for public investment in infrastructure by falsely claiming that China and India are "not investing" in their own infrastructures. In reality, both countries are dedicating enormous sums to infrastructure overhauls. Read More

Beck Obsession: The "Riots In Greece" Are Coming "Ashore"
Glenn Beck lashed out at The New York Times for highlighting recent Beck-inspired death threats made against Francis Fox Piven, rather than reporting on "strikes and riots" in Greece. This is just the latest example of Beck's ceaseless fearmongering that violent rioting in Greece will be replicated in the U.S. Read More

WorldNetDaily Distorts Islamic Center Imam's Speech To Claim He Thinks Apostates "Must Be Jailed"
WorldNetDaily misleadingly attributed the statement "apostates against Islam must be jailed" to Imam Abdallah Adhami, suggesting that Adhami was expressing his own view. In fact, Adhami -- who was recently named as an adviser for the proposed Islamic center near the World Trade Center in New York City -- was discussing the historical view of apostasy in Islam, not modern interpretations. Read More

Did Steve Moore Read The NABE Survey He Discussed On Fox?
Responding to a NABE survey anticipating improvements in employment, Steve Moore of the Wall Street Journal said on Fox News that the tax cut extension was a major factor in the recovery and that the stimulus had a "negative" effect. But the NABE survey itself found that most respondents do not think the tax cut extension will spur hiring, and independent economists have said the stimulus boosted GDP and employment. Read More

Beck Fearmongers About Gov't Drug Research Center
Glenn Beck responded to a report that the federal government will invest $1 billion in creating a research center for new medicines by fearmongering that government "incompetence" makes him "concerned" that it will be "in charge of our life-saving drugs." In fact, most important drug development is done with the help of public-sector research, and the center is intended to encourage private investment and will not compete with the private sector. Read More

Fox Gears Up For SOTU By Questioning Obama's Sincerity
Leading up to President Obama's State of the Union address, Fox & Friends repeatedly questioned Obama's sincerity by asking, "What's behind his move to the center?" and claiming that he's trying "to make sure he gets re-elected," because "he understands that's the popular thing to do." Fox & Friends also repeatedly asked if "the American people [will] buy what he sells" in the speech. Read More

"Michele Bachmann Is The Real Deal": The Other Beck-Approved State Of The Union Response
One of the few members of Congress frequently fawned over by Glenn Beck is Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), who is delivering the Tea Party's response to the State of the Union. Beck has helped Bachmann fundraise, pushed her to run for president, and described her as a "truth-teller" and "the real deal." Read More

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