Friday, January 21, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 01-20-11

Rove Still Pushing Health Care Deficit Reduction Misinformation
In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Karl Rove wrote, "the claim by the Office of Management and Budget that the [health care] bill will cut the deficit" is not "credible." But nonpartisan experts, such as the Congressional Budget Office, have consistently supported the claim that health care reform will reduce the deficit. Read More

Right-Wing Fashion Police Attack Michelle Obama's State Dinner Dress Choice
The right-wing media attacked First Lady Michelle Obama for wearing a red dress to the White House State Dinner, suggesting she did so to honor "Commie Red China." The right has a history of seeing political messages in Michelle Obama and other administration figures' attire. Read More

Still Crying Wolf: Fox's "Media Bias" Segment On Fuller Is Completely Bogus
On Fox & Friends, co-host Gretchen Carlson and Fox News contributor Andrea Tantaros accused the mainstream media of showing a "bias" by "ignoring" the story that Tucson shooting victim James Eric Fuller threatened a Tea Party leader at a town hall meeting. In fact, virtually every major media outlet covered the story immediately and repeatedly, including ABC, which Tantaros specifically singled out for attack. Read More

Fox News Falsely Suggests Off-Shore Drilling Would Prevent High Gas Prices
Fox News correspondent Doug McKelway falsely suggested that increased offshore drilling would prevent high gas prices. In fact, even the Bush administration Energy Department said that expanded offshore drilling would not substantially affect oil prices any time soon.
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WSJ Falsely Blames Blue Shield Premium Hike On Health Care Reform
A Wall Street Journal editorial celebrating the House of Representative's vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act falsely claimed that Blue Shield of California is raising its rates by 59 percent in part to comply with the health care reform law. In fact, Blue Shield of California says the rate increase has little to do with the law. Read More

Fox's Kelly Absurdly Claims Fox Personalities Do Not Invoke Nazis
Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly responded to her guest's statement that Fox News figures regularly invoke Nazi imagery by claiming "I watch our programming every night and you're wrong." In fact, several Fox News, particularly Glenn Beck, have a long history of smearing President Obama, Democrats, and progressive figures by invoking Nazi and Holocaust imagery. Read More

Hannity Now Outraged At Nazi Comparison -- But He's Made Them Himself
Sean Hannity expressed outrage over "comparing people to Nazis." But Hannity previously compared Rep. Keith Ellison's decision to use the Quran for his swearing in ceremony to using "Hitler's Mein Kampf," which Hannity called "the Nazis' Bible." Read More

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