Thursday, January 20, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 01-19-11

Wash. Times Hosts Unhinged Attacks On Obama's Speech, Tucson Memorial Service
In the week since the memorial service for the victims of the shootings in Tucson, Arizona, The Washington Times has published op-eds attacking President Obama over his speech and criticizing the service as a "political rally" and a "campaign event." Read More

Gingrich Falsely Accuses Obama Of "Waging A War On American Energy"
Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich recently falsely accused the Obama administration of "waging a war on American energy." In fact, the Obama administration has invested in domestic energy production and has made historic efforts to reduce American independence on foreign oil. Read More

Fox Prepares For Health Care Repeal By Misinforming About Health Care Reform ... Again
In advance of the House GOP's health care repeal vote, Fox News hosts, contributors, and guests have repeatedly misinformed about the health care reform bill with attacks ranging from falsely claiming that the bill "did not include incentives for wellness" and that the bill will cause jobs "to be lost," to rehashing old falsehoods such as that the bill does not reduce the deficit because it creates "10 years of revenue against six years of expenses." Read More

Fox Rushes To Discredit HHS Study On Pre-Existing Conditions
Fox News has repeatedly attempted to discredit an HHS study estimating how many people have pre-existing conditions. In doing so, Fox falsely claimed the study said 129 million people would "lose their coverage" if Republicans repealed the health care reform law, when in fact, HHS said this number represents those who, in the absense of health care reform, would face higher premiums or benefit cuts in the individual insurance market.
Read More

Fox's MacCallum Doesn't Know What The EPA Does
During a segment criticizing the Obama administration's relationship with the business community, Fox "straight news" anchor Martha MacCallum claimed that "it is not customary for the EPA to tell car companies how to run their business." In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency has set mandatory vehicle emission standards since the early 1970s. Read More

Limbaugh Uses Hu's Visit to Mock Chinese Culture
Rush Limbaugh used Chinese President Hu Jintao's state visit to the U.S. as an opportunity to mock Chinese culture, including the sound of Hu's speech, and suggested that "everybody's going to be hungry a half-hour after" the state dinner for the Chinese delegation. Read More

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