Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sarah Palin Follows Comedy Rules And Quits Bus Tour Halfway Through

Probably NO HUMAN ON EARTH SAW THIS COMING but just as God or common sense or Mohammed long ago wrote in stone that which must come to pass, Sarah Palin has decided to quit her dumb summer vacation RV road trip before it was finished. Quick and pointless and halfway through, like all of Sarah Palin’s activities that are not giving birth. Oh well, we sort of forgot it was even happening?

Way to go, Lamestream Media, you failed to remind us for an entire week about Palin’s existence. Was that why we were feeling mysteriously better about life? The last post about the tour on the SarahPAC website is from June 8, so it took someone from the media two whole weeks to notice she wasn’t even blogging about her wild adventures talking to old white people anymore. READ MORE »

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