Monday, June 06, 2011

Media Matters Daily Summary 06-06-11

Trump Says "I Don't Send" Jobs "Overseas," But His Clothing Line Is Made In China
On the June 6 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends, real-estate mogul and Fox News contributor Donald Trump boasted: "I employ a number of people that happen to work in this country. I don't send it overseas." However, Trump's clothing line is reportedly made in China, Mexico and Bangladesh. Read More

Right-Wing Media Try, Fail To Declare Palin Was "Right" On Paul Revere Story
The right-wing media have declared that Fox News contributor Sarah Palin was indeed correct when she claimed that "part of Paul Revere's ride" involved "ringing...bells," "send[ing]...warning shots" and "warn[ing] the British that they weren't going to be taking away our arms." In fact, Revere's "warning" to the British occurred after he was captured and was not the purpose of his ride. Read More

Can't Add It Up: Fox Still Misleading On Economy, Debt, Stimulus
Fox & Friends repeatedly attacked comments made by Democratic officials and legislators to suggest that the 2009 stimulus failed and that the Obama administration is primarily to blame for the nation's debt. In fact, economists have agreed that the stimulus promoted job growth and had positive economic effects, and several analyses have shown that most of the U.S. debt in the past decade can be attributed to former President Bush's tax cuts and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Read More

Conservative Media Establish Climate Science Denial Litmus Test
Conservative media outlets are reprimanding three prominent Republicans who recently acknowledged what scientists have been saying for years -- that human activities are contributing to global climate change. Read More

Beck's Position On Palestine Is Out Of Step With All Recent Israeli Prime Ministers
During the June 3 edition of his radio show, Glenn Beck suggested that a Palestinian state on Palestinian territory should not be created because such a state would be controlled by "revolutionaries in the Islamic world." In fact, Israeli prime ministers from three different parties support the eventual creation of a Palestinian state as have recent U.S. presidents. Read More

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