Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fox News Tells ‘Corporate Jet Owners Are The Real Victims’ Side of Story

During the President’s anger bear speech yesterday when he yelled at Congress to fix the stupid debt ceiling already, Obama proposed ending tax breaks for corporate jet owners as a means of raising revenue instead of cutting from programs that make sure children do not starve. Automatically, this means that Fox News must do a story on the plight of victimized corporate jet owners, who are just the latest group of voiceless Americans thrown under the bus by giant ogre Nobama.

Who really needs those $3 billion a year more than those corporate jet owners, those people who are singlehandedly keeping the economic recovery afloat with their tax break from 2008? READ MORE »

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Really? said...

Thank heavens Eric Cantor is willing to stand up to the powerless victims of this budget debate, the hedge fund managers, the rock stars, the NFL players and oil industry CEOs who lack a voice in COngress. Must be why they love him back: