Friday, June 17, 2011

Dumb Alabama Senator Calls Blacks ‘Aborigines’ On FBI Wire

Throwing around racial slurs is such second nature to members of the Alabama GOP, they cannot even remember to filter themselves when they are wearing around FBI wires during corruption investigations that forever record their drawling abuses of human language so they can be played back to grand juries.

When state Sen. Scott Beason was told that he had appeared on a transcript of a recorded conversation about gambling corruption calling all black people “aborigines,” he did the decent thing and responded with an apologetic, “oh, huh, don’t remember that, must have said it.” IMPORTANT FACT: there were no cameras there so does anyone really care? No, no cameras, just some bad audio, EVERYBODY IS SAFE. (It is called The Rod Blagojevich Theory of Committing Atrocities.) Post-racial America, everyone! READ MORE »

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