Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rush Limbaugh Shilling Rush Limbaugh Sex Fantasy Iced Tea For Only $23.76

Nervous about his declining ratings at his terrible radio show, mouthy maggot sack Rush Limbaugh will not lose the chance to squeeze a few dollars from the shrinking Social Security checks of the tea party patriots out there who will buy anything with an American flag and a fat white man on the label.

So here is Real America’s disgusting new Rush Limbaugh iced tea product, “Two If By Tea,” a clever name that took the same -1.6 seconds of thought that Rush puts into all his words. For the last $23.76 you have in the world (and only that), Rush will send you a case of iced tea maimed with the image of his outsized ego. These bottles that he encourages you not to recycle will cost you actual money, unlike those government-issued lattes the socialists are drinking. READ MORE »

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