Thursday, June 30, 2011

Palin Family Leaves Empty Mall of America Book Signing Half Hour Early

IS THIS THE END OF SNOWBILLY GRIFTING? The jihadist conspiracy of elitist liberal shopping mall patrons struck with merciless force yesterday at Minnesota’s Mall of America: only 300 people showed up to attend the Sarah and Bristol Palin book signing of Bristol’s new memoir about her life as a drunk pregnant teenager.

The family abandoned the stage half an hour before the end of the time slot because there was nobody left. So are we at last witnessing the sad finale of Real American Freedom? Our true patriots are no longer willing to give up fifteen of their last dollars to support the unemployed offspring of this screeching, nightmare opportunist woman.

Wait wait, oh come on, uh, how about if Sarah Palin says, “The Constitution of the United States is fricking awesome” three times out loud to anyone in line? Will they hand her some of those crumpled, sweaty dollars in that case? READ MORE »

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