Monday, August 06, 2012

What Is Mitt Romney Lying About Today?

Did you know that Barack Obama hates the US military soooo much that he is trying to take away their voting rights? Mitt Romney said it, so it is a thing that could possibly have been true! (Haha, no it isn’t.) Yes, according to Old Mr. “You’ll Just Have to Trust Me,” the Barack Obama campaign is suing the state of Ohio to take away early voting for members of the military. Now, it gets a little complicated here, see if you can follow along: until last year, all Ohio voters could vote early. Then the GOP passed a bill taking away early voting for everyone but members of the military. Now the Democrats are suing to get early voting reinstated for everyone. We know that was really, REALLY complex, but were you able to follow it? You were? You didn’t read that and then have a stroke that made you differently abled, in your brain? Then you are a better man than Mitt Romney. READ MORE »

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