Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Romney Spokeslady: Move To Romney’s Socialist Massachusetts Paradise If You Want To Live

So you probably haven’t seen it if you aren’t in one of America’s precious, coddled Swing States, but a pro-Obama PAC has been running a mean ad featuring a guy who was laid off because Bain Capital made the business he worked for more efficient, and he says that his wife died because they didn’t have health insurance because he was laid off because Bain Capital thought that would be a good idea. You might think this is mean and unfair and don’t hate the specific corporate player hate the employer-based health-care system game etc., but surely when an ad is going out that basically has a blue-collar dude saying “MITT ROMNEY KILLED MY WIFE” the Romney campaign has to respond somehow, right? Well they did, actually, and they did actually respond with legitimately good advice! This advice was: people who need good health care should move to Massachusetts, because they have universal coverage there, thanks to Governor Romney. Wait, what?

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