Monday, August 13, 2012

Florida GOP Primary Raises Level Of Campaign Discourse To ‘Slut’

How on earth has Your Wonkette not previously been aware of Florida congressional candidate Osvaldo “Ozzie” deFaria (R-Arkham Asylum) before now? The self-funded contender for the GOP nomination to run against Debbie Wasserman Schultz in District 20 has already depicted the DNC chair wearing a dog collar and said at a conference that “we must send her back to the pound.” (We cannot be certain, but we think maybe he is calling Wasserman Schultz a bitch. Do you think he is calling her a bitch? Possibly.) Now he has taken to screaming at supporters of Karen Harrington, his opponent in the GOP primary, whom he also calls a slut. Oh, yes, and he’s also had a couple of domestic violence charges. IS IT TOO LATE TO RETHINK THAT VEEP CHOICE, MR. ROMNEY? READ MORE »

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