Thursday, August 23, 2012

Scott Brown’s Voting Record Should Be Off-Limits, Says Scott Brown

Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown has a clear, simple and concise message to his opponent, Elizabeth Warren: keep my name out of your goddamn mouth, woman.
Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) seems to have a new message for his Democratic Senate rival Elizabeth Warren: Shut up, already.
At least that’s how it sounded when a New England television station asked Brown about recent remarks from Warren criticizing him for supporting the same agenda as Missouri GOP Rep. Todd Akin and the Republican Party’s presidential ticket, which she says is profoundly hostile to women.
“I don’t need Professor Warren talking, or speaking, or commenting on my votes,” Brown said Tuesday, adding that she shouldn’t be “distorting and misleading the voters about where I stand on issues.”
If running for reelection was supposed to be about how an elected official performed in office or how they would perform if given another term, then sure Elizabeth Warren’s crazy-ass “look at his record gambit” would make sense. But this is not how Things Are Done, oh no.

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