Thursday, April 05, 2012

Arizona Senate: ‘Energy Efficiency’ Is UN Plot For One-World-Order

Move over, Tennessee. Not only did Arizona get the same crazy John Birch email forward you did, but theirs has actually passed the Senate, a House committee, and (fingers crossed!) is ready to be heard by the whole Arizona House! To recap, for those who unaccountably missed this exact same goddamn story in Tennessee: Twenty years ago, under George H.W. Bush, the US signed onto a nice UN sustainability plan called the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, or Agenda 21. 

Here is where Arizona differs from Tennessee: they have not said (to our knowledge) that Agenda 21 causes forced abortions. 
Here is where it is the same: they want to defund any programs for clean energy or energy efficiency, because “blackhelicoptersUNplotMicheleBachmanncrazeyesSatan.” READ MORE »

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