Wednesday, April 11, 2012

GOP Congressman: We Can’t Impeach Obama Because We Don’t Have The Votes Yet


Why hasn’t Congress impeached President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder? Rep. Todd Akin says it’s simply a lack of votes. But he says that may change eventually.
“That’s a good question,” Akin told a constituent on Tuesday who asked just that. “I can’t speak for the other 400 and some congressmen, but I believe when they take a look at impeachment the question is do you have the votes to do it and, if you do it, it goes to the Senate, what’s going to happen with Harry Reid?”
The exchange was captured on video by Democratic tracker American Bridge at an event held by the Boone County Pachyderms in Columbia, Mo., and provided exclusively to TPM. Impeachment is generally considered a taboo topic among national Republicans, who prefer to limit their disagreements with the president to the political arena......................................

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