Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Media Matters Daily Summary 04-11-12

DISCONNECTED: Charting The Charlotte Observer's Failure To Cover The Fight For Internet Access In North Carolina
Over the past two years, North Carolina's largest newspaper, the Charlotte Observer, has almost entirely ignored efforts to restrict broadband internet access for thousands of North Carolina residents -- efforts that proved successful after passage of the "Level Playing Field" law in 2011, effectively prohibiting underserved North Carolina communities from creating their own municipal broadband networks. Broadband internet access boosts a community's economic output and quality of education, creates jobs, increases government efficiency, and reduces the costs of doing business, but the readership of the Charlotte Observer was left in the dark on the debate. Read More

Experts Reject Study From Koch-Backed Center Claiming Health Care Law Will Increase Deficit
Right-wing media are touting a study claiming the health care reform law will not lower the deficit, but rather increase it by more than $300 billion. In fact, economic experts dismissed the study by conservative analyst Charles Blahous, saying it uses "discredited arguments." Read More

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