Monday, April 23, 2012

MN GOP Takes Fiscal Conservatism To Logical Conclusion, Is Evicted For Not Paying Rent

One thing we at Wonkette HQ don’t “get” is the inescapable conclusion in American life that being “fiscally conservative” is somehow synonymous with being “fiscally prudent.” Case in point numero one: deadbeat Tea Party Congressman Joe Walsh, who is so fiscally conservative he lives in his office and refuses to pay child support! Case in point numero zwei: check-kiting gypsy Newt Gingrich buying his special lady so many whore diamonds and then stiffing that poor Las Vegas businessman (and everyone else) on his bills.

 Case in point all of the others: cutting taxes in the middle of two wars and conducting them off-book; threatening to default on our national debt by not raising the debt ceiling; and pretty much every other thing they have done since maybe Eisenhower. But the Minnesota GOP is something special in this regard: they are being evicted from their headquarters for owing almost $100 large in back rent! READ MORE »

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