Thursday, March 08, 2012

Sean Hannity Gets Excited About Two Men Hugging


Sean Hannity has found the smoking gun hug.

By the time the Fox News man’s eponymous program aired Wednesday night, Buzzfeed had released a clip of President Barack Obama speaking at a Harvard Law School protest in 1990 — the same clip PBS then noted they had aired pieces of in a 2008 documentary.

This was the supposedly secret video that the late Andrew Breitbart had promised from Obama’s college days, showing then law student Obama supporting Harvard Law Professor Derrick Bell’s campaign for more diversity at the institution.

So what did Hannity and the two Breitbart editors do when they got around to airing a version of the video? Complain that the media had conspired to cover up Obama’s embrace of Bell.

“That was the edited version, it did not show that you seconds later Barack Obama embraced Bell before turning the microphone over to the controversial professor,” Hannity said.

“The way it worked on PBS, PBS played the clips of him hugging Bell, but they blacked out the audio,” said Ben Shapiro. “So you have no idea that Obama is saying open your heart, open your mind. Apparently, Buzzfeed released the audio. But it was clipped at the end. So you didn’t have the audio and the hug in the same clip.”

“The length they would go, even releasing the story about President Obama that makes him look bad, the length the media will go to prevent the whole imagistic truth,” Shapiro said of the Buzzfeed clip.

TPM’s Michael Lester whipped up a highlight reel of the “Hug-Gate” segment:

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