Thursday, March 08, 2012

Crowley And O’Reilly Jump On The Sandra Fluke Conspiracy Crazy Train

As Rush Limbaugh hemorrhages support in the wake of his incredibly misogynistic attacks on contraception activist Sandra Fluke, Fox’s Bill O’Reilly and Monica Crowley did their part for the right-wing hate machine by continuing to malign Fluke. You may recall that last week, O’Reilly echoed Limbaugh’s attack by suggesting Fluke is a slut for wanting contraception covered by health insurance. Last night, Crowley and O’Reilly echoed Limbaugh’s off-the-wall, baseless accusation that the Fluke controversy was some kind of left-wing conspiracy. How else could she succeed so well, they wondered? Memo to Bill and Monica: The unhinged reaction from your kind was a bigger gift to Fluke’s argument than anything she and the left could have planned for.

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