Friday, March 09, 2012

Lead Plaintiff In Suit To Overturn American Care Act Simply Does Not Care To Pay Her Medical Bills

Meet Mary Brown, 56, of (where else?) Florida. She is the lead plaintiff in the National Federation of Independent Business’s lawsuit to overturn Obamakkkare, which is expected to be heard later this month by the Nine Hepcats and Kittens of the Supreme Court, because she ain’t want insurance, Ain’t NOoBama1 tellin’ her what to do, Hitler, socialisms, and etc.

But has Miz Brown perhaps brought complete and utter humiliation to the hacks of the NFIB, by having accidentally neglected to inform them she’d had a bankruptcy that was in part brought on by unpaid medical bills? And has she responded to the LA Times‘ inquiry into same with an elegant and spittle-flecked rage-on? Well duh.

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