Monday, March 12, 2012

Sally Kohn Destroys Hannity's "Obama Race Tape"

There's nothing I love more (politically speaking) than a feisty liberal standing up to and demolishing right-wing attacks. It's even more delicious if the feisty liberal is standing up to a right-wing bully like Sean Hannity. In a discussion last week (3/9/12), Hannity hosted Fox News contributor and former student of Derrick Bell, Sally Kohn, to defend President Obama in Hannity's "race tape."

The video has been widely ridiculed but Hannity is sticking to his racial guns that Obama's warm introduction of a tenured Harvard Law professor and a hug in 1990 proves that Obama shares what Hannity describes as Bell's anti-white radicalism. Kohn demolished every bit of Hannity's argument as "much ado about hugging" and finished him off by saying, “You and I have hugged, that doesn’t mean we agree on everything!"

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